Master Key Experience – Wk 21

This week Markj talked about breaking out of our comfort zone and how we can actually use guilt, anger, hurt feelings, fear and unworthiness as tools to help us do this.

But the big message this week was talking about miracles…what are they, and are they real.  Well, talk about coincidences, it just so happens that my wife is reading a book entitled “Miracles – What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life” by Eric Metaxas.  We have the Kindle addition, so I opened it on my iPad and began reading it.  Wow, I’m only 3 chapters into it, but does it ever confirm and reinforce what we are learning in MKMMA.

So, maybe this is my big breakthrough.  I’ve been struggling with blogging on a regular basis, perhaps out of fear or unworthiness, because I’m too private of a person and don’t want to put my thoughts out there on the internet.

I’m also trying to learn, and decide if I really want use, video marketing to promote my network marketing business.  I’m being offered step by step training on how to do it, but fear of the unknown internet is holding me back.  I think I’m being told it’s time to break out of the comfort zone and try something new and very different for me.

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Master Key Experience – Wk 13

Wow, I didn’t realize that I had gotten so far behind in my blogging.  Here it is Week 13, Christmas week, already.  The car is nearly packed for our 16th annual trip to California for Christmas with the kids, grandkids and family.  With a few minutes to spare, my ‘subby’ told me it was time to get back to blogging, and to ‘Do It Now!”

Getting back to blogging is the first step in applying what was made so clear on yesterday’s webinar.  And that is, the importance of Fidelity to the Basics = Mastery of the 7 Laws.  It is critical to our progress that we continue the readings, webbies, cards, etc during this holiday break.  I really feel like I’ve fallen behind the past few weeks and I’m going to use some of this Christmas ‘downtime’ to catch up and do a better job of applying the knowledge that I’ve gained.  As we’ve learned, knowledge does not apply itself.

In reviewing the notes from yesterdays webinar, I decided to search for Lydia Johnson’s book ‘The Jalapeño Handshake” on Amazon.  What a great book.  I read the intro on Amazon and immediately decided to purchase the book and download it to my Kindle.  I will read the book this week while in CA.  Thank for sharing your knowledge and experiences, Lydia.  Lydia is now one of the MKMMA guides and did a wonderful job on the webinar yesterday.  So, I’m getting back in the groove, will be posting more frequently and applying the knowledge gained in MKMMA.  In the meantime, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays however you may celebrate this joyous season.

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Master Key Experience – Wk 6

Amazing how I woke up in the middle of the night seeing colors and shapes and thinking about my DMP.  It was an amazing webinar last Sunday, and things are starting to connect.

And again today, another experience.  I received a notice from DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) that my drivers’ license had been rescinded and revoked because I had not submitted the medical report requested after a minor fender bender about a month ago.  I had the required medical examination and the doctors office should have submitted the report just a month ago.  I immediately went to the doctor’s office to lament their inefficiency, but instead, I decided to show love and expect a positive outcome.  As a result, they were very helpful, admitted the error on their part and even contacted the DMV and got the revocation voided.  The cost to me was about two hours of my time determining to sit in the doctor’s office until the problem was resolved.  What could have been a very ugly situation turn out to be a rather rapid resolution of a problem involving the government bureaucracy because of my attitude and application of what I’ve learned in the MKMMA program.  This stuff really works!

Had a very positive outcome from a ‘minor’ surgery this week.  A little concern during recovery from anesthesia, but it all worked out as I expected.

I’m a little behind in the tasks for the week, but this MKMMA is so positive and so worthwhile.  Just haven’t been able to expose all that I’m doing and and post it all over the house yet, because my loving wife is just not a believer in this stuff.  Is anyone else dealing with the same issue, i.e. have not shared your involvement in this program with your spouse/family yet?

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Master Key Experience – Wk 5

Wow, I just read MarkJ’s Press Release.  Fantastic piece of writing and what a vision.  And I reported on the weekly survey that 4 days was enough for writing the press release.  Somehow I think it’s going to take longer than that.

I really enjoyed yesterday’s webinar.  It’s starting to make a lot of sense.  I’m just concerned that I’m a little behind in completing all of the assignments.  I think it’s time to back up a couple of sessions and be sure that everything is in place.  I don’t want to short this process one bit.  I am just amazed with the Master Keys, and want to absorb them into my soul.  They all make so much sense.

Here it is Thursday already and I don’t have my Press Release written.  Time to get busy.  Do it now!  So, I’ve relocated out to the patio overlooking the golf course on a beautiful Fall day in AZ to get inspired.  On to drafting the Press Release…

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Master Key Experience – Wk 4

Well, I got a little behind last week due to some health issues and didn’t get my blog published.  I hope that I’ll be excused for that.

This week, I’m seeing some connections between all of the things that we are doing.  The Foreward to the Master Key and Part 4 which we received this week are really powerful.  Wonder why they waited until week four to give us the Foreward to the document???

I also received a post card from my guide, Bob, this week with a beautiful ocean view which I mention in my DMP.  That was a surprise and a nice touch.  Thanks, Bob.

I find Part 4 to be very powerful and enlightening for me.  In reading it this morning I realized that the health issue that I’ve been given is just an opportunity to demonstrate my belief in what I’m learning through the MKMMA.  I will be stronger, better and healthier by being open, accepting and willing to find the solution to restore my health better than ever.

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Master Key Experience – Wk2

Wow, I just reviewed this past Sunday’s webinar and listened to Trish Abelhoff’s presentation about the law of dual thought, dharma and building a bridge. I’m finding that going back and rewatching the webinars after a few days of doing the readings and activities is very powerful. I think too, that I relate to Trish’s presentation because she is a NASA scientist, and we share somewhat similar backgrounds of aerospace careers.

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Master Key – Wk 2

Last week was very interesting, but a little over whelming with trying to keep up with all of the activities.  I am definitely impressed with the program and what we are doing here.  I have read and been through much of this material and training before, but have never been exposed to the daily activation that is demanded by the MKMMA program.  I just hope that it is not too late, at my age, to really apply this and to achieve my DMP.  I can feel myself getting into a little bit of a routine, and am following Mark’s advice to not get stressed out over this.

I’m looking forward to the Digital Connections webinar this afternoon and learning more about taking advantage of the internet in my business.

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